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Product Name Price Available
Rebuildable Tank Atomizer  
TheoremP 1,100ss
TopTank MiniP 1,100wht, red, blk
Aromamizer 3ml P 1,450ss, blk
Billow V3 P 1,450ss, blk
Moonshot P 1,500ss, blk
Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer  
Lush P 1,100ss, blk
Royal Hunter P 850ss, blk, wht, pnk, red
Royal Hunter Mini P 850ss, blk, wht, pnk, grn
Starter Pack  
Lite 65 and Elite TankP 1,200pnk, wht, grn
Target 75w VTCP 3,000pnk, wht, gld, vlt, blk
Mini VoltP 1,950red, blk
Variable Mods  
Evic VTC mini 60wP 1,600blk, gry, wht, red, wht
Cuboid 150wP 1,500gry, wht, blk
Laisimo L1 200w TCP 3,500red, blk, wht
Reuleaux RX 200sP 1,800gry
Reuleaux RX 200P 1,500wht
iStick 200w TCP 1,650wht, blk, gry
Full Mech Mods  
Kindred IIP 2,000cop
Dark ShadowP 1,500blk
Clapton Wire 26+30 AWGP 200pre
Coil Master DIY Kit V2P 1,350pre
Batteries and Charger  
LG 18650 (Choco)P 280pre
Nitecore Intellicharger i2P 400pre
Nitecore UM10P 360pre
Pinoy Full Mech Mods  
Rockstar NinjaP 3100pre
UrsaP ????pre
DauntlessP ????pre
Highend Mods  
Cerberus DP 20,000sel
BismarckP 22,000sel
ChimeraP 25,000sel
NexxusP 19,000sel
AuroraP 22,000sel
AerosparkP 20,000sel
Oracle EliteP 24,000sel