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How To Order

Shopping with us - 4 Easy Steps

Alternative Ordering : You can send your order via Text, Facebook or via Email.
Please check our Customer Care page for our contact information.

To continue ordering on our site, pls follow the steps below :


Add the products you would wish to buy on your cart. *some products may require a specific color.

Step 1 - Adding Products


After adding the products, you may now checkout.

Check Out


Fill up the form
Note : Register an account with us, so you wont have to fill the form on your next order.

Fill Up the forms


Select your method of payment and shipment
Note : To know more about the methods of payment please visit This Link. Information of money transfer and bank account are listed on the page.
Note : If you selected Paypal : please note that peso would be converted into dollars via paypal rate.

That's about it once your orders are logged into our system we will process the order as soon as possible,
Please note that we will also contact you for confirmation, once confirmed we will ship out the products within 1 to 2 days.